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  • Dec 16
  • Collection Agencies
  • Bill Collection
  • 61

I received a letter in the mail today with a settlement offer on be-half of T-mobile for $129.49 originally $258.97. Funny thing is T-mobile is my current cell phone provider and I know for a fact that I do not owe them anything. A recent credit report that I ran does not show T-mobile or that amount. People really need to do their research and make payment arrangements with your creditors... Read more

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I recieved a letter in the mail stating that i owe $113.45 to Cascade Capital LLC - which i have no idea what this is, plus the used my 1st marriage name which was over 10 years ago that I got divorced Add comment

  • Dec 04
  • Collection Agencies
  • Debt Collection
  • 232

They send me the letter saying I owed to T mobile which is false. I ignored it then now I see it in my credit report. It took me years to build my credit history and now because of this intolerable situation I am stressed out. What should I do to remove this false and fake claim in my report and is not there any thing that should prevent these kinds of scam ? Playing with someones hard work and... Read more

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  • Dec 02
  • Collection Agencies
  • Cookeville, Tennessee
  • Collection Agent
  • 253

Got a letter in the mail from them as a collection agent. They wanted 113.18 for At&T Wireless. When I called they ask for my SS# I didn't give it to them.I told them I never had At&T before,she she OK we will return it as a fraud. I said I would like to have the bill from At&T, I was told ether she would turn it in as fraud or send me the bill, but not both.. I said you should just... Read more

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I keep getting phone calls from them stating that I owe money to Sun Trust bank but I never had Sun Trust bank. Scam beware Add comment

They said I owe A 482 cell phone bill 14 years ago. I have not ever had A cell phone in WVA. I have lived here in Tn. For 15 years.And want to settle half dept. And ask for last 4 of S.S. Add comment

Convergent outsourcing uses local numbers in mount Vernon Washington state to disguise they are locals but refuse to disclose who their clients are and who they are and they use the pretext argument for your security reasons but when you don't respond to their wishes ythey harass you!!!!!!! Add comment

They called me claiming i owed t mobile. I already had made arrangements with t mobile. When i called t mobile, they had no record of selling my debt to any collections agency. Add comment

  • Oct 14
  • Collection Agencies
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Fake Loan Collection
  • 3
  • 3
  • 650

I just received a mail stating that I owed HSBC about $8000 and they were willing to settle for $800. This is an apparent scam please do not do anything. Here are the reasons why this is a scam. 1 - No collector will go with 10% and give you 90% discount before you calling and negotiating. First they will go with the full amount plus interest. 2 - No collector will mail you first. If you REALLY... Read more

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