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Dec 16, 2011
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Just recieved a letter from Convergent Outsourcing, Inc located at Houston, TX 77043 regarding the debt with the compaby I had never had any account with.Convergent does not even my full name right.

They say I owe over $2,000 and they are willing to settle at 50%. I have just recieved a credit approval for mortgage, so it is a scam! I think people like me should try to see them in court and get compensation for punitive damages!

They also called my cel - I never talked to them as I thought it was a wrong number!Should I report them to DA?

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Aug 22 Oregon, United States

What if you paid the bill they say you owe, like 10-13 years ago. I no longer have the paper work to show that I did. I thought it was taken care of years ago.

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Pissed Off

Jul 17

I've received both letters and phone calls from these people. They say that Time Warner Cable has asked them to collect on a bill that I didn't pay. I spoke with TWC and they said that they didn't ask them to collect anything from me and that my account with them has never had any problems at all. In fact TWC claimed that they don't use these people at all for anything! So I called convergent and they said that TWC is lying and that by the fact that I'm calling them is an admission of guilt? I feel that this is just an example of how corrupt our country has become!

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Jun 14

Anonymous I got a letter that said I owed $13,000.00 and they would settle for 50% of it. These people need to be turned into DA or the United states attorney general. What a fraud group.

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Jun 03

Be careful and make sure you check your credit report! I ignored a previous letter from these bozos and they put a derogatory mark on my credit report. I had to go to Transunion to dispute it and have it removed!

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Everyday Joe

Jun 01 Upland, California

We just received a letter. Not the first time this has happened in my husband's common name. Urgh! Frustrating and time consuming.

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May 28 Sanford, Florida

I received 3 letters for 3 separate companies that i have never have had accounts with today. I have a very common name also.

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Feb 27 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

i just received a letter saying that I have a debt with Verizon of $201.28 but if I send in $100.00 they forget the rest.I called Verizon and they told me that I don't owe them anything that my account whit them is clear , i called this people and I told them to kiss my a and if they think that I owe them anything you have my address come and get it you liar peace of s

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Jan 27

I just received a letter too, I never had an act with them. Its an outrageous amount! How are they doing this? :( :( :( :( :(

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Jan 25 San Antonio, Texas

I Just receive a Letter regarding a debt to Sprint I had never had any account with Sprint. I located in San Antonio TX 78229
I'm not pay this account is not my. remove my name from your list

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Dec 24, 2013

I just received a letter too! We should all report them to the BBB! And the Attorney General of your state!

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Dec 20, 2013

I just received 2 collection letters from these people. I just verified that they have the wrong person now I have to take time away from my job to contact Convergent to remove my name.

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Dec 02, 2013

I just received a phone call from a lady who asked if she could have the number that I was contacted on. I asked who she was. She said Ms. Rawlings. I asked what company she was with. She said Convergent Outsourcing. I asked what they wanted. She asked again if she could have the number I was contacted on. I said no.

The same day I received a letter in the mail from Convergent Outsourcing saying I owe $166.60 on an account that they would settle for 70%. I do not even have an account with that company.

I just had a refi too. I think this is where they get their info. I will check my credit reports to make sure they are not messing with my credit!

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Nov 26, 2013 Jacksonville, North Carolina

I received 2 letters recently, 1 of which was a paypal account that I am supposedly behind on. Funny thing is that I have a paypal account but do not use the pay later or their credit card so there is no way possible that it can be behind. Definite a scam so do not call, and especially do not give them any money at all

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Big Daddy Kane

Nov 19, 2013

convergent also has called me and sent me letters and I do not know how they got my number or address which most places now a days will sell your number and address for compensation, this is a fraud, they always ask for 50 per cent.

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Nov 05, 2013

We should all bring them to court there was a time when this kind of company could not exist

Darold Hunter

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Oct 09, 2013 Little Falls, Minnesota

I just got a phone call from these people looking for someone I don't know only moved to the area a month ago they say our names match sorry wrong when I say I don't know the person they ask if I am sure wtf I think I would know who lives in m ty home and just jut S's because I have the same American ad the person they are looking for I am wrong b.s

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Oct 08, 2013

I, too, was contacted by these people by telephone. I have perfect credit, but also just had a re-fi done, so this is apparently where they get their list, and our personal information.

They tried to get me to verify my name and SS#, which I wouldn't do. They never even got to their scam with me because I was furious that they called my home about 22 times over a 2-week period. Since I work from home, I got tired of it and finally picked up the phone. These people are so creepy, they know your name when you call. What I've done is called them non-stop for 2 days now telling whoever will listen that they are working for a company that is scamming people and they should Google Convergent and look at what they are doing to people. One woman said to me, "I don't know how to respond to this." I told her to read the BBB complaints and think about what they are doing to people. When I call THEM (which really rattles them), they always say things like "is this ____ ____," trying to get my name. I wish everyone would hound them back, it's unconscionable what a scam this is.

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Sep 27, 2013

I've been receiving calls at my place of employment with them using my maiden name, demanding that I verify my physical home address. I've asked the agent for his name, spell it out for me, why are you calling me. They won't talk to me since I won't give my address. Hey!! You called ME, right? Don't you have that information. Let's just tattoo "Dummy" on my forehead. I've tried to give them my attorney's phone number & they refuse to take it. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??? Enough is enough. I wish all the rest of us smart folks well. Good Luck my fiends. Eve

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Sep 24, 2013 Anchorage, Alaska

I have got the new # for the scammers .....1-800-444-8485 I also am having problems with them....

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