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Convergent Outsourcing Inc.

Company Convergent Outsourcing
Product / Service Collection Agency
Location Capitol Heights, Maryland
Category Professional Services
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Be on the lookout - this is a debt collection company saying that you owe money and I've checked with the company listed on my letter (Capital One) and they can't find any record showing that I owe money.
I've reviewed this company it's clear to me not real.

I've had my identity stolen last summer (drivers license only) but have had people write checks using my DL and write checks under a name spelled somewhat like mine so I don't verify information easily.

Not only are Debt Collection Agency employees rude but they will lie to you over and over to try to get you to pay a debt that you don't owe.JUST AND FYI.

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Apr 05 
Convergent is still at it trying to collect debt. How much longer do you guys think that they have before they stop their illegal activities?
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Mar 22  from Houston, Texas
They called my phone number asking for two different people who I do not even know. So I called back and asked what company they worked for.It was Convergent Outsourcing Inc. I then proceeded to look them up. Turns out, they are pretty bad with the BBB. And they are also on the Ripoff Report. I also found our via some digging that the company was once called ER solutions. After finding out this information I called them under a fake name. I talked to a very nice young man by the name of Michael Hunter. I asked him if his company was at one time called ER solutions. He confirmed. I then asked him if he was aware that his company had a bad rap with the BBB. He tried to say that there were a lot of things that the internet tried to say that were bad but that they were not true. awwww...lol. I told him that he did not need to lie to me. That I already knew about them and had looked them up and he really tried desperately to hold on to his faith that the company that he worked for was a good company. But I think I messed him up pretty good. He tried to hard. I spoke to him about some of the horror stories that I had read about and even pretended to have my own horror story that I claimed to have happened when the company was still ER solutions.. He believed me and apologized for the mess up. I then proceeded to explain to him that what he was doing was indeed illegal and had actually been reported to the FBI on a few occasions (which I found out because I called them and asked.... Show more
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Feb 21 
Check the cities of the questionable posts ( i.e.. WOW on April 4th 2013 ) - You can see the uneducated call center staff for Convergent posting some entertaining stuff. They're located in the same cities as their collections offices ( ie Seattle ) Imagine doing what they do....as YOUR EVERY DAY JOB!!!! hahaha that is the biggest joke of all. Working in a call center, for an SHI**(& company....one which doesn't make anything, build anything....no impact whatsoever, other than illegally harassing fraudulent debt....obviously zero education, zero prospects! sucks for you dude! hahaha....I'm cashing my checks right now. And your two-bit company is not getting a *** DIME!
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Jan 14 
Iwas told in a letter from Convergent out of Houston Tx. I owe a debt from Sprint, never had sprint , also they said if I pay half of the debt within 30 days. Account would be cleared paid in full. This is a scam BEWARE
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Jan 06 
I just got the same debt collection bill from Galaxy Portfolios, LLC offering me a settlement. I've never heard of this company, I just got my credit report last month and no such debt is listed...so after reading other complaints, this is a scam of some type. Spread the word!
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Dec 18, 2013 
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Dec 11, 2013 
If you want to get answers to this, first tell them to stop calling, then put it in writting and mail it to the address they have, never give anyone you didn't call, any personal information. They hung up on me as soon as I told them the call was being recorded. In my state, you don't have to tell them, but I do it just to shut them up. Yes I do record all my calls. 8)
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Nov 22, 2013 
I had the same thing happen to me except they said I owe dish network
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Nov 05, 2013 
Once you confirm your identity with a debt collector they will add the debt to your credit report. So on the first call if you answer their questions such as: complete full name, address and tax id/ SS #, you are done. If the account is not yours but your name matches what they have on file, they will add the debt. Then you'll have hard time proving its not yours.
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Sep 17, 2013  from San Angelo, Texas
:grin Stacey you are hilarious!!!!!
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Sep 04, 2013 
called and won't say what they want or it's a personal matter and it is being recorded. lied to me about company. rude
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Aug 18, 2013  from New Ipswich, New Hampshire
Don't pay them if you're in doubt, dispute the debt, make them validate it, I just did this with them and all 3 credit bureau's within 2 weeks they removed a debt of $1560 from my reports.
They work fast when they're wrong
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Aug 14, 2013  from Spartanburg, South Carolina
All of need to pay your *** bills you know you had it or else they wont be calling im telling you i had a an old acct from 1997 and told EVERYBODY i was not paying because it was too old. Now i have a lein for all these old acctouts that i didnt want to pay from the Federal Government--lesson learned i pay my bills now!! now i dont know your situation but i can tell you these people will make you pay
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Sep 12, 2013  from Columbia, South Carolina
Enjoying your job at Convergence???? LISA!!!!!And learn to spell while you're at it "Nicole".
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Sep 16, 2013  from Chicago, Illinois
HAHAH Right, 1997 most states statue of limitations on collections is 7 years. Lien ? On what? No judge will put a lien on anything you own for 10 year old credit card debit. Dont Believe NICOLE
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Nov 22, 2013 
Don't pay a debt that isn't yours. If you owe money I agree pay it but if not don't
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Dec 17, 2013 
You must work for a debt collector. Federal and State tax debts are different from "fabricated" or Zombie debts outside of the statute of limitations.
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Aug 12, 2013  from Denver, Colorado
I was just contacted by this company, and they tried to get me to pay a over do bill. After they tried to get more info out of me i hung up on them. I then contact the company to which i did owe a bill,and they informed me that they had not contacted any collection Agency. And i gave the info to the company to look into. this company is not legit as far as i am concerned.
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Aug 08, 2013  from Phoenix, Arizona
I just got a call from this company and they didnt seem legit. I looked them up and found out they are making people pay for something they do not owe.
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Aug 05, 2013  from East Irvine, California
I just got a notification from Credit Karma stating that this company has put a negative mark on my report. I supposedly owe $505 to an account I have. I have no idea what it is! My credit is not great, and I've been working on getting a better credit score for the last few years. I cant contact them, I don't know how to rectify this. :(
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