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Called head office in wa. They have no offices in oregon (as they state ). They have been calling repeatedly daily, to my friends phone asking for me and all it is is a automated message that you're supposed to leave your name and number on and they are supposed to call you back. To my understanding it is a scam, do not give them any personal information it is someone trying to get your info. The number that tries to call is (503)820-0290. Its... Read more

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Tuesday 9-6-2016..10:55 a.m. Missed call from 505-348-3266, no message left. I dialed the number and a female answered, " convergence" and asked if she could help me. I Informed her that I received a call from this number and I asked her "what is convergence"? She stated she would need my name first then proceeded to tell me that she was sorry and that I could just disregard the phone call...I immediately searched the company name online and... Read more

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I am running my credit report via my Bank in Florida and there is a charge from Dish Network for $262.17. I have not had Dish Network since I lived in Costa Rica. I returned to Florida in Dec. 2014. Closed all my accounts before leaving. I never received a bill as I did not have an address until end of Jan. 2015. They said they sent it to my son, but they did not have his name or address. They told me to call Dish Net. The only address they had... Read more

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I was an employee and I think the Trainer for this place is a good guy however the management team need to have sensitivity training. As a Collector we deal with all kinds of people some of who are not nice at all !!!. With that in mind who want to deal with supervisors and managers who are the same. I also think they are given too much authority. They need to police their admin the same way they police employees. They are not GODS!!! Read more

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I got a call call on April 20, 2016, which is today as I am writing this. The phone number displayed is 1-000-000-0029. I did not answer it and it went to my answering machine. The voice said they were from convergent Outsourcing, a Debt collector, then gave the phone number of 1-855-343-7890. Clearly the phone number has been spoofed. The FDCPA says: Title 47, U.S.C. Section 227(e)(1) (2012). Although the TCPA does not provide consumers a... Read more

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Trying to collect a debt never owed ,very rude wont furnish a hard copy of a bad debt scammer alert onphone number 520-686-5117

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For YEARS I have been telling them they have wrong number. They refuse to stop calling, plus they leave voice messages that indicate I owe a debt!

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call me daily, says i have a medical debt thats been paid already. says it has not been paid. i ask for more info, will not give any. dont give them anything, if you owe a "debt" then call the company directly. they somehow find out when people have a debt, but are not collecting it for that actual purpose. read reviews on several websites, seems everyone has the same experience. they call people with either non-existant or already paid debts... Read more

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I just got a bill from this co. On a debt that I don't owe and this same co tried to collect the same debt almost 3 yrs ago And I didn't owe it than I don't owe it now !!!!

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These people suck they tried to make me pay for a bill I that wasn't mine.

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