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Be on the lookout - this is a debt collection company saying that you owe money and I've checked with the company listed on my letter (Capital One) and they can't find any record showing that I owe money.

I've reviewed this company it's clear to me not real.

I've had my identity stolen last summer (drivers license only) but have had people write checks using my DL and write checks under a name spelled somewhat like mine so I don't verify information easily.

Not only are Debt Collection Agency employees rude but they will lie to you over and over to try to get you to pay a debt that you don't owe.JUST AND FYI.

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Convergent Outsourcing is a company that has been in business for over 50 years. You can learn more about them at http://www.convergentusa.com/outsourcing/ or by calling them at 800-444-8485.

If you think you have been contacted by them in error you can dispute the debt online and have the calls stopped.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1257738

Got a call from Convergent Outsourcing this am.Spoke to someone named Paul Thompson.

Says I owe money and wanted me to pay over the phone.

told caller that I needed to check them out first before doing business with them over the phone.


Looks like these creeps are still in business.I missed a call today from "Private Name" at 205-994-7698, Birmingham Al area code.

I called it back and was put on hold for the next representative. A woman finally answered and I asked her who she was. She gave me her name (?) and I told her I wanted to know what company called me and she gave me the name "Converging Outsourcing Inc." I asked her what she wanted and she asked me if my number was ***-****. She evidently had caller ID.

She then asked me if I was Latonya Ross.

I told her no and she apologized for the call.The whole call was weird and seemed like a fishing expedition.

to Anonymous San Leandro, California, United States #1350131

I just got the same call,i told her if she wanted to speak to Roxanne she would have to tell me what she wanted and who she is.What is converging outsourcing.

She would only say it's personal business for Roxanne ####.she would not tell me anything.so I told her unless ROXANNE knows what this call is about she will not speak to no one.!!And I hung up.


I am having the same problem!My case is a utility bill at an address I never lived at.

I haven't EVER lived or worked in that city. I also contacted the original creditor who confirmed the debt is not mine. Now I keep talking in circles with these people who refuse to remove my SSN from this account, saying I have to dispute it with the credit reporting agencies! Nonsense.This is not my bill and they need to find the real person.

I'm actually getting close.

I found and got in touch with the woman's father.If I can do this with a couple Google searches, these scammers can too.


Is there a way to report them cause they keep calling my phone day and night and always saying I owe a debt and when I ask for there name they say they can't give it unless I give all my info I want to report them


I will be filing a complaint with the BBC as well as the Att. Gen. Ofc of Maryland and NC


I have been receiving calls from this Coversion outsouring in Phx.AZ..

They will not tell me who they are or what they want. After a couple seconds or minutes asking them What DO You WANT!!!

They hang up on me.602-396-5356 Number called from

I do not know what or who they are!Beware of these scammers!


I just got a call from this company, they said they represented a bank that I had an account with years ago.I refused to give my address or last 4 of my SSN because I recently pulled all 3 of my credit reports and nothing to do with this bank is on them as a collection.

The girl got nasty with me when I asked her for the company name and where they were located (they called from a local area code) so I asked to speak to the manager. I waited about 8 minutes before another lady got on, and she also argued with me, but at least gave me the company name. She would not give me any information about myself since I wouldn't tell her my address and last 4. Ever since I got engaged this has happened several times.

Always different debt collectors about accounts I have had in the past that were closed with no debt. Really starting to *** me off, they are so rude. I am contacting the bank in question to find out what the heck is going on.

My feeling is that it is a scam, it has to be.I don't owe people money.


I just got a call from conversion outsourcing, they asked for my wife.I asked them what they wanted and they told me it was a personal matter.

I asked what type of personal matter as I was her husband and they said it was of a personal matter again. I told them that I needed to know what this was about prior to me giving them anything, they asked for her date of birth and I asked the lady what her DOB was. At that point she hung up on me. So I called back and asked again what the company was, they refused to tell me.

I plan to contact my local office of the FBI to report them.What was odd was the phone number they used was a local number, wonder how they do that?????

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