I sent my equipment back to Dish and a week later my Credit monitoring stated I had a collection account. I research it and found it was Convergent Outsourcing.

The confusing part is that my credit was given a black mark by this company and Dish was paid in full the same day the Convergent blemished my credit. I contacted Dish and they are giving me the run around and telling me they will have it removed, but I have contacted Dish again and they are saying they will look into it. This is a pain. Dish was paid their money and now want to wash their hands of the problem, when they were the ones who caused it.

Attempts to contact Convergent by phone are useless.

Their phone system simply hangs up on you after you are on hold for a minute or two. I guess the next step is getting my attorney involved.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #968383

Have found a similiar problem with them and Dish over equipment.

Our account was closed in December of 2011 when we moved out of the area and did not wish to take our Dish service with us. Ours was set up through a bundle with our phone service.

The service was terminated through the phone company and Dish was contacted as well. They sent a service tech to remove the equipment. When the tech arrived, he said that it is not his policy (he was a subcontractor) to remove the equipment from the outside of the house. We gave him the black box and two remotes.

He left.

Fast forward to 3 1/2 years and I am contacted (mail) by Convergent. Outstanding charges from Dish. Little over $300 but they will settle for $150. Since the account was paid when it was closed out and equipment was returned....don't see where I owe them a dime.

Tried calling Convergent and it is a phone pass off to call another number and that will refer you back to the original number.

Please leave your name, number, account information and they will get back to you.

So I called Dish. Problems started there. The subcontrator apparently did not turn in the black box or the remotes. The amount that Dish was claiming was for equipment replacement.

Herein lies the problem.

There was no receipt given by the subcontractor to show the equipment was picked up. But I was NEVER contacted by Dish that there was a fee outstanding. Just a letter from a collector 3 1/2 years later. Dish can't disprove that I turned it in, but I can't prove I did either.

They wrote it off when they sold it to Convergent. I am going for the prove it is valid route and hoping that they can not find the paperwork to validate their claim. If they can....I guess I am paying for equipment that their guy picked up. I know....always get receipts....but when we moved into that house, instead of transferring the equipment from our old house, the sub left the old equipment and set up all new equipment at the new place.

It didn't seem out of place for him to leave the outside equipment and just pick up the box.

Seemed legit and I wasn't receipt savy then. My stupidity.

Waxahachie, Texas, United States #667561

Do you have evidence you can present to a judge that

-you contacted Dish?

-Dish was paid in full the same day the Convergent blemished your credit?

-you have attempted to contact Convergent by phone?

In other words you have to send snail mails by CMRRR and/or record your calls when you talk to them.

You have to write to DISH, copy Convergent, credit bureus (those by CMRRR), your state AG, CFPB, FTC (those by regular mail). Be sure to include at the bottom of the letter "CC" so that DISH will know who else is reading that letter.

For specific help with this process post at debtorboards dot com

to ***ed Waxahachie, Texas, United States #667580

Print your letters, don't sign or hand write them, collectors will fake your signature into anything.

to ***ed Norman, Oklahoma, United States #957731

lol not true what's convergent and who are u converging with!!!!!

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