Hi, So I got a letter from Convergent outsourcing inc.saying that I owe money of $1995.

But If I do pay full amount of $698 which is 35% of the debt they will clear it. So I called and gave information about myself. They offered me of $550 and they said they will clear everything. I know I shouldn't have called.

But Since I did owe capital one money from 14 years ago, I did decide to call them. (I didn't have any information about it) I know! *** me! I should have googled before I call :( but I didn't.

But I am willing to pay if this is what I actually owed. I dont remember how much I owed since it has been 14 years. I didnt pay them yet, because I wasn't sure after I called. So I googled.

When i did, they said I dont have to pay the debt that is more than 14 years old. But if I do call them agree on paying them or decide to pay a little amount, then they will come back on record and it might hurt my credit score. So here is my quesion. Since I did owe them from 14 years ago and I did call them and gave them information, What should I do from now on?

I didn't pay them yet and didnt actually agree on paying them. But I did say that I will call back before 5pm (I didn't call back) after I get back home. When he asked me you used to have capitalone, I told him I am not sure if it was capitalone that I owe money since it has been more than 14 years and don't remember. Should I still write a letter to ask them for validity?

or should I pay what they offered?

If I do pay $550, will they not contact me ever for this matter?After paying , will they affect my score?

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El Paso, Texas, United States #849112

call capital one buddy, and next time do not volunteer any personal info over the phone with nobody!!!!

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #824302

Sweetie, don't let them intimidate you.Check the statute of limitations for your state.

It is typically 7-10 years to collect on a debt then it's considered dead. Do a google search under "zombie debt" to get some sample letters that you can send. As soon as you send them a penny, the statute of limitations starts all over . This is how so many people get screwed with debts so old.

They can't report an expired debt to your credit.....UNLESS you make a payment and restart the time limit. The letter you need to send should include a request for original documentation, contracts you signed, proof that they have legal right to collect in your state as well as legal right to collect this debt (chain of debt ownership leading back to the original creditor.) there are great examples out there, keep it professional, leave emotions out if it. They don't care about your sick grandma or how you don't have money or how you've paid all your debt. Also NEVER threaten to turn them into the FBI or the police or some other authority who has no power over this type of situation.

If you feel you must threaten, you would turn them into the attorney general for violation of the FDCPA (fair debt collections practices act). I hope this helps. NEVER pay a debt that is 14 years old and if someone offers to take a smaller amount let the red flags fly.

These junk debt collectors pay pennies for the debt and will take anything.Just remember, as soon as you restart...

Good luck.

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to Amy Miami, Florida, United States #860019

Perfect advice Amy!I did my research and I was contacted for a debt I don't even remember owing!

After some research, I tossed the letter and will put them on call block if they call me again.Oye ve!

What rocks do these people crawl from under????


Write a letter telling them that it is not your account or that you do not owe the company any money and ask that they please stop contacting you.Make it very clear; Not Mine, Leave me alone.

Also, the company most likely forgot all about you. After the card falls off your report, the same companies you owed usually extend credit to you again if your score meets their requirements. I have seen this happen. The original company sold the debt to another company, therefore they are no longer associated with it.

These companies are the ones trying to make you pay when they bought it for pennies on the dollar.My advice, write the letter to make certain they don't put it on your report then forget them.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #822338

does anyone knows the address to convergent outsourcing to mail out letter to remove debt.

to leys Omaha, Nebraska, United States #824304

800 SW 39th St / PO Box 9004

Renton, WA 98057


I would not deal with them...too many scams reported on them...contact the creditor directly to see what you really owe and try to make arrangements with them..

to Anonymous Bakersfield, California, United States #830547

Would the creditor mean direct TV? Since that is who its through?

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