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Convergent Outsourcing has sent me demands for payment (and called me) on a T-mobile bill that I supposedly owe. I've been a customer in good standing with T-mobile for +15 years.

I do not owe them any money, now or ever. When I called T-mobile about it, they said "Ignore it". T-mobile had no record of the T-mobile "client account" number provided by Convergent, and failed to recognize it as one of their own. T-mobile indicated they've received similar complaints from other consumers about Convergent.

I called Convergent and told them: 1) to stop calling and contacting me, 2) no debt was owed, and 3) remove me from their system. Convergent replied they could not do so until the debt was paid.

Convergent appears to be a fraudulent company, attempting to collect on non-existent debt. I've since written the Attorney General of the State of Washington to complain of Convergent's illegal business practices and harassment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Convergent Outsourcing T Mobile Debt Collection.

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I found this convergent outsourcing debt on my credit report ( $294.00). This is how I found out about them.

I NEVER heard of these dumb *** in my life.

Its all laughter fun & games until somebody gets hurt.

Renton, Washington, United States #1329617
Convergent Outsourcing Verified Representative

It may be as simple as having a consumer with a similar name. You can request that all calls stop and proof of the debt be sent to you by visiting Convergent's website, or calling 800-444-8485.

to ******nt_Outsourcing Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, United States #1332273

He just said in his complaint that T-Mobile have had similar prior charges complaints about this company. It's not a name similarity

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