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Tuesday 9-6-2016..10:55 a.m. Missed call from 505-348-3266, no message left.

I dialed the number and a female answered, " convergence" and asked if she could help me.

I Informed her that I received a call from this number and I asked her "what is convergence"? She stated she would need my name first then proceeded to tell me that she was sorry and that I could just disregard the phone call...I immediately searched the company name online and noticed there was a number with same area code and prefix but last digits were not the same and clicked on it only to read what was pretty similar to my experience.wondering why she would not say what convergence was or give her name..seems odd as well as shady to me..

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Waukegan, Illinois, United States #1266840

Convergent outsourcing is NOT a collection agency. They are a scam.

Let me fill you in on what they've done to me. They sent me a bill for my ex wife's cell phone....from 13 years ago. The debt is less than 500. Nobody chases a bill that small for this long.

It's not cost effective. I used to work in collections, and what happens is the debt gets written off and the company claims it as a loss on their taxes.

I know the paperwork looks official, but it's total BS. Trust me, if I had an account in collections, by credit score wouldn't be *** near 800.

Maryville, Tennessee, United States #1227072

They will not tell you who they are because they are a collections agency: Convergents Outsourcing. They handle delinquent accounts assigned to them by Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC (JCS) who in turn bought the accounts from Verizon Wireless.

You are either: a) the delinquent account holder b) the account holder's co-signer c) used as a reference in a friend or relative's application d) the person on the "Close relative who does not live with you" line. Remember that line on applications?

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1209438

The number belongs to Convergent Outsourcing. You can learn more about them at and even have them remove your number. I hope this helps.

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