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I received a letter from a CA called Convergent. They are claiming I owe 50.02 to from some 6 years ago.

I did have an Ebay account at that time, but I have no honest recollection of owing them money. I never received any collection letters from Ebay. So I called this CA today requesting more info about this alleged debt to The women who I talked to was very rude. telling I had a positive feedback of 186 and so I must have made lots of money on Ebay.

I tried to tell her that the feedback represented my buying selling record on Ebay and I did more buying than selling and was sure I didn't owe Ebay anything. I asked for a letter of debt verification and she said they did not do that. That should note that I was refusing to pay. I told her i was doing no such thing and was only asking for proof of this debt from so far back.

And was wondering why I never heard from Ebay about this. She went on to say that Ebay had emailed me sever times about this debt. I and I told I never even received anything and was requesting more proof of this debt. She was very rude and repeated again that she would note on my account that I was refusing to pay.

What else can I do, besides verifying the debt with Ebay. Honestly I feel like I just lost 10 years of my life after dealing with these people

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I just recieved this letter from Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. saying that I owe money for this company I never had.

also I just had my credit report pulled and its not on there. so when I called I asked them my Password. I always have passwords on my acct for things like this. to protect my own butt!

well go figure they couldnt tell me what it was.also if its a power bill then what was the address I supposably lived at and owed on.

they are very rude as well. does anyone know how we can get people like this


I also got a letter in the mail on 9/24/2012. The creditor stated on this paper was Pyod LLc.

i have never heard of this company, however the name on the document itself as the letterhead reads Convergent (Convergent Outsourcing, Inc out of Houston, TX. The name is made up of an abbreivation P.y.o.d but doesn't say it distinctly. I made a phoen call to this company; this company is also affiliated with the Sherman companies, Resurgent Capital, LVNV Funding to name a few. The phone I made on 10/1/2012 was to initiall find out what this letter was orinally for, but before I could even say my name, my name was said by the lady's voice saying " I Ms.

(My last name). The problem I have with this is that how could thie lady even know the phone call was from me which is what I stated. The answer I got was that my name was mentioned and that she needed some proof that it was me and would not relenquish any information at all until they needed proff which was my SSN# or DOB. I stated that you should already know who I am since you had already called me by my name.

The went on for a few minutes, then I was asked about an account that was opened back from the late 1980s to 1990s. I knew that this account was closed from Radio Shack and was already paid off before obtaining a VA loan. I was asked am I disputing this debt, I replied yes. I was told that there would be notification from the original creditor in 60 to 90 days that I denied this debt that would be sent to me in the mail within that time frame.

I know this account is closed and has been since the year 2000 when I purchased a va backed loan. I would like to see if that letter comes just as this lady mentioned.


My family had a run in with these lowlifes this passed winter ( thanks to DIRECTV). DIRECTV admitted that we did not owe the bill they were coming after us for and yet these twits from convergent outsourcing continued to harass and be rude to us.

We finally had to have a three way conversation with someone from DIRECTV a " employee" from Convergent outsourcing and us. The employee from convergent outsourcing was rude to the rep from DIRECTV and fought with them as we'll as us.

Convergent outsourcing finally agreed to remove the fake debt and leave us alone. Don't give up you can beat them!!!!


I also just recieved a letter from them stating that i owe them 64 from an ebay account. I never have used ebay nor have an account for them so i know i owe them nothing.

I just checked my credit report and this is not on it. It has to be a total scam. I would not pay them the money unless you knew for sure you owed it to them.

Also, how would she know your feedback score? They should just know the amount that is due and your name and address nothing else.

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